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Etheric Body: Closing Phase

Etheric Body Closing Phase
This is an illustration of the core model of the etheric body. The etheric body is comprised of organized patterns of flowing energy known as prana. This energy flows in a two phase cycle. This illustration demonstrates what is known as the closed phase. The center green spiral is known as the vertical core current. In the closed phase this current is moving superiorly from between the feet to bregma. The green snake currents are known as the caduceus. In the closed phase the caduceus is moving superiorly from the coccyx to the ajna chakra. The different colored currents on each side of the midline are known as the long currents. There are ten long currents. Five on each side of the midline. In the closed phase the long currents are moving superiorly from the tips of the fingers and the toes to lambda. The green bands wrapped around the etheric body are known as the circular currents. In the closed phase of the etheric body the circular currents are moving from the posterior midline to the anterior midline. The balanced movement of the etheric body may be compromised by trauma. All movements of the etheric body must be reestablished in their correct spin and direction for neutral balance and healing to occur.